Individualized Risk Assessments & Screenings

Identifying patients who are at risk of harm, and mitigating risks for those patients, is a core part of comprehensive care. Health service organisations can implement different strategies to screen, risk assess and mitigate potential risks of harm to patients.

What Are the Types of Risk Assessments?

Risk assessments are crucial when it comes to complying with legal requirements and promoting workplace health and safety. They play an important role in businesses’ risk-management strategies. Once completed and written up, they can be viewed by workers on all levels and used to encourage excellent health and safety standards and safe working practices across the organization. 

What Are the Types of Risk Assessments and When to Use Them?

There are several different types of risk assessments used by health and safety (H&S) professionals and those with H&S responsibilities. You may decide to use only one of these, or you may use several different types for different purposes. Different approaches to risk assessments can even be used within a single assessment.


Whatever risk-assessment process you adopt, it is always advisable to engage with your workforce when completing risk assessments, as they may know of the workable solutions needed to complete tasks safely.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Screening

Regular screening mammography starting at age 40 years reduces breast cancer mortality in average-risk women.

Colon Cancer Screening

Regular screenings starting at age 45 years may reduce the risk for death and complications caused by colorectal cancer.

Key Benifits

A health risk assessment includes a questionnaire, an assessment of health status, and personalized feedback about actions that can be taken to reduce risks, maintain health, and prevent disease.

A health risk assessment usually includes questions in the following areas:

Exercise, eating habits, alcohol and tobacco use
Exercise, eating habits, alcohol and tobacco use
Mood, stress, life events
Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels

Health Tips & Info

Health risk assessments are also used as part of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit to identify issues important to an individual’s health and well-being. They may also be used as part of Medicaid enrollment to identify individuals with health problems that need immediate attention.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) publishes standards for health appraisals and issues certification to vendors who comply with these standards.

Emergency Cases

CALL 911 if you develop symptoms requiring emergency assistance. If you think you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, notify the call-taker immediately so the telecommunicator can better inform responders how to take care of you and protect themselves from exposure. 

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