Category: Our Mascots

Tex Fowler

Hi I’m Tex, I’m the baby.  I think I’m a little dog but I’m the largest of us all. I love to chew anything up, in record time. Nothing if off limits for me, my family says I’m a human vacuum.
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Tobi Fowler

Hi, I’m Tobi, I bark if the others bark and if you pet the other dogs before me, I will come to you.  Otherwise, forget it. I think I’m a big dog but I’m only 7 lbs
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Dexter Fowler

Hi, I’m Dexter.  I take naps all day long.  I never miss a nap.  My main job is greeting people and if you’re really lucky, you will see my beautiful smile! Ladies love me, so I’m also known as Sexy Dexy.
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