Gynaecological Clinic

Your health care provider shouldn’t just be there when something goes wrong. Wellness visits are about ensuring you’re getting the regular care you need to lead your healthiest life. 

What are wellness visits?

Wellness visits are appointments that help you stay healthy. While most people only think to go to the doctor once something is already wrong, a wellness visit is a more proactive approach. 

Both Dr. Fowlers are board-certified doctors who has been practicing for years. That means they’re adept at identifying potential warning signs, helping you react quickly and effectively, to any threats to your health. Ultimately, their goal is to help you avoid health conditions and lead a well-balanced life. 

What happens during wellness visits?

A wellness visit is a lot like a physical at the start. You talk with your Dr. Fowler about how you’re feeling that day and any symptoms or abnormalities you’ve noticed in your physical or mental health. You also discuss your family health history, personal health history, and lifestyle choices. This helps your provider personalize preventive, proactive care to you. 

Next, you get a physical exam. This is your provider’s opportunity to test you for common health conditions like high blood pressure. They may also order additional tests from the on-site lab, such as cholesterol or glucose testing. If they recommend any vaccinations to protect your health, they can administer them during your wellness visit, too. 

A wellness visit differs from a physical in that your provider doesn’t stop there. Not only do they work to prevent disease, they also partner with you to improve your overall well-being. We may make recommendations about stress management, what you eat, or how much you exercise. We also answer any questions you have and offer a physician-supervised weight loss program to patients who would benefit from it. 

Ultimately, by the time you leave your wellness visit, you should have an easy-to-follow plan to protect — and improve — your overall health. 

Who should get wellness visits?

We offer wellness visits to patients of all ages. This helps adults enjoy great vitality and longevity, giving them a way to actively defend against aging. It also helps kids learn healthy habits that will serve them for life.